Nomad Design makes homewares and accessories using extraordinary artisan textiles from Mali and Central Asia. 
Founder, Georgina Olley, established Nomad Design in 2015. She was inspired by the beauty of artisan textiles and the importance of supporting the communities that make them. Her passion for hand making, culture and geometric patterns are core parts of the company's ethos. Provenance is paramount, culturally and environmentally. Using our hands is sacred, with them wonderful and timeless belongings are created.
Our current collections comprise of a meticulously curated selection of homewares made using silks from Central Asia and Mudcloths from Mali. These are transformed by hand into cushions and lampshades that are beautiful complements to almost every interior and lifestyle. 

"What I create are iconic, functional and timeless pieces that carry tangible and cultural legacies in their fibres."

We proudly manufacture all of our products by hand in England.