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It's Sunday and the last thing you want to do is list the all things you have to do next week. However, it is the first day of a new month and a new week of life looms ahead. I promise that after taking even a little bit of the advice below you will thank yourself by next Sunday. Which brings me to my next point...

Make lists.

I love lists; the smugness that ensues after ticking off even the smallest task is so great! Make a list of longterm or short term goals, time scale them (now we are getting into Gan Charts) and set some goals. Log them into your diary - electronic or on paper - and set reminders. As I mentioned before planning is 'the one' and you will thank yourself and be proud of your self later on.

Make the week meaningful.

Managing your time is important, just list a few things you need to get done. Even if it's your washing, mending something, visiting somewhere new with your lover or just trying a new recipe. Log it in and stick to it.

Breathing - Pranayama.

Sounds weird and hard, it isn't. Apparently most people don't breathe properly, unless you are a yogi, triathlete or meditate regularly. Pranayama is a super easy way to focus your mind, increase brain activity and can lower your stress levels on a permanent basis if you practise it regularly and properly. Give it a go before you go to bed.


Even after extensive years at boarding school I found routine a problem, I have learnt that I can also integrate a routine too. Start with three things you need to do in the morning and stick to doing them at the same time. We have this thing called a pre-frontal cortex, it's where all our habits are need to slowly rewire that part of your brain and input a few new positive habits.

1 - Alarm clock - get an alarm clock. Muji have a super cheap inoffensive one. Apparently sleeping with a phone next to your head can seriously effect our sleep patterns.

2 - Make your bed. What did your mama always say..?

3 - Wash your face / shower straight away.

4 - EAT - food is so important and NO a cereal bar and even worse nothing just doesn't cut it. It takes all of 12 minutes to make poached or scrambled eggs on toast. 

Remember that everyone is fighting a battle in some area of their lives and that everyone is different.

I can't stress how important remembering this is. Just breathe and think before you speak, firstly it might strengthen your argument (unless you are a goldfish and forget what you are about to say) and you may have avoided unnecessary conflict. It also works vice versa. I bet that in your office there is one person who always loves a fight, mitigate this by not retaliating. Remember that weak people seek revenge, strong people forgive and intelligent people ignore. Who do you want to be?

Have a great week Nomads x