Neon Moon

Hayat Rachi, founder of feminist lingerie brand NEON MOON speaks on how her company empowers women by speaking about and showing the truth and beauty of the divine feminine. We are all beautiful, no matter what shape or size or ethnicity.

Julieta founder of Design Junkie

Julieta aims to blur the line between art, design and craftsmanship, and to add touches of bold colour, positive energy and bohemian texture to any interior...

Annie Pidcock

Ann was first introduced to Yoga whilst training as a dancer. The instant improvement she experienced in strength and flexibility made her curious to discover more about Yoga and it’s extensive uses and benefits.

Karma Kans

Karma Cans have cornered a delicious part of the sustainable lunch market in London. They deliver homemade lunches to your desk using locally sourced ingredients...

Blue and White

In my opinion, the most serene of colour combinations. Whether, dark and tempestuous shades of indigo or calm and mediterranean cerulean blues, it is an absolute winner when combined with white. Elle Decoration thinks so too...


Clare Waters is an ambitious Nomad that journeys predominantly on foot. In this interview I found out about how a devastating accident became a positive transformative experience that opened new doors...

YONDER LIVING is run by Phoebe and Sophia's. They both have an incredible eye for colour, texture and design that shines through brilliantly in the lifestyle and interior collections. Discover their love of travel, textiles and colour...


Intrepid traveller and entrepreneur Anna Chittenden is the founder of The Lost Guides. Her mission is to  guide the value conscious traveller off the beaten track to magical places that are not mentioned in your average travel guide...


Meet Helena...creator of Thefty. Hailing from sunny Cyprus, where I once lived too, Helena is a marvellous designer and illustrator who's designs require more than a little scrutiny...

Georgina OlleyComment

Vanya Spirit is a startup based in sunny California. It empowers women to simultaneously work and be mothers. Jennie has  developed a transportable meditation cushion inspired by her life spent in the outdoors and meditating under great redwood trees...


Caroline is a true Nomad at heart, currently living in Tulum, Mexico, her very own mini India. She has carved out her own path through self belief and tenacity. After a joining a travelling circus with her fire hula hoop performance she settled in Islas Mujeres Caroline and discovered a profound love for yoga. She was hooked and knew teaching was her calling...


Muhayo Aliyeva has set up a business based upon female empowerment in action. Her company Bibi Hanum is a socially responsible enterprise. They design and hand make garments and accessories using traditional hand-woven textiles form Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The founder's mission is to support local women while preserving cultural heritage. 


Rosie Broad is the founder of TINCT, which she runs the company with her brother Ben. All of their products are manufactured in Somerset, using Italian vegetable tanned leather. Get to know Nomads...these pieces are winners..

Beldi Rugs

Emma WIlson is the founder of Beldi Rugs, a Morocco based company that deals in vintage Berber rugs. She and her business partner Tamsin run the Morocco based company, with an office in London too. An established businesswoman, Emma speaks candidly and with profound insight into the nature of the work she loves being wholeheartedly involved in, mostly for the joy of others. Whether selling rugs, riding on the beach to organising photoshoots for Elle Magazine Emma is an inspiring woman all entrepreneurs might learn from.

Yoga Venture

Sabine is the founder of Yoga Venture, a company that simplifies the business of booking yoga retreats. We met and had a chat about what it is that made her start her business and how it has changed her life in a variety of ways...enjoy nomads.

Pippa Richardson

Pippa has been teaching yoga for seven years now, and has bene awarded the British Wheel of Yoga Certification. It's always interesting interviewing someone over the phone when you can't meet face to face and we hadn't met before. She is such a grounded, lovely, open human, and as a talented purveyor of an ancient practise she is definitely an instructor you should have a class with.