Yoga Venture

Name and company: YOGA Venture: yoga holidays and retreats in stunning locations with first-class teachers


Where are you based?: London

NDA: Tell me a little bit about your business and what was the impetus to startup?

I started my yoga journey about 7 years ago and immediately I went on a yoga holiday, even though I was still a beginner. I knew very little about yoga. However, I was very quickly hooked, most because my yoga teacher Lindi Lu was so inspiring. 

When I searching for yoga retreats I became very frustrated when I couldn't find what I wanted to practise. Lack of information, accommodation location and clarity on what the holidays actually offered made me realise that I could offer this service and a simple solution too. I offer a clear guide and plan that incorporates an easy booking process, with trusted and reputable venues and classes taught by first-class teachers. So when you book with us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

NDA: Where do you have your yoga retreats?

We offer 8 days yoga holidays in Spain, Italy, Turkey and Morocco. And we never cut our holidays short. I believe in lots of yoga. It is the reason you booked yourself on a yoga retreat in the first place!

NDA: What is your biggest achievement so far?

I think making my dream a reality. I am sure you have experienced the same with your wonderful yoga bags. You have an idea, you know the vision, so make it come true and provide excellent service to your clietns. 

NDA: Many people only contemplate setting up their own business, what advice would you give to spark the catalyst?

Believe in your dream. Be passionate about your product and it will show. You then don’t mind the endless hours you put in. But also be prepared for downfalls and learnings from your mistakes. It is not an easy ride, but as they say: You fall, you put your crown back on and you continue walking…

NDA: That is a brilliant saying...

NDA: What do you do to stay active and how has it changed your life?

It sounds ‘typical’, but yoga did change me. I seriously resisted starting it. However, the calmness it gives me, along with the clarity and focus is key to maintaining a healthy work life balance in life – in my opinion. 

NDA: Do you consider yourself a ‘healthy eater’ and are there habits you wish you could kick?

Gosh, I wish. My downfalls are sweets, in all their glory and variety. I always say that is why I need to do so much yoga and sport to compensate (even though I got a lecture why sweets can never be compensated for). So I still wish I could kick the temptation…. 

NDA: Lastly, how lucky are you, and why?

I think, we all are – life gives you opportunities and it is you who decides to take them or not. But then I’d never complain when I haven’t tried. And of course having yoga in my life is a lucky thing!