Steffy White Yoga

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Name: Steffy White Website:

Where are you based? : London

NDA : Tell me a little about your business and why you decided to become a yoga instructor?

SWY : I decided to become a yoga teacher after my first trip to India.  I love Indian philosophy and healing and there is something so magical about the country.  I felt very connected to it immediately and knew that this was the path I wanted to follow. Not only am I a yoga teacher but I am also in the midst of writing my first book which is going to be a yoga and mindfulness guide book, I also am about to embark on another yoga training and expand my qualifications into another aspect of health and healing which I will hold tight on revealing for now.   

NDA : What kind of style do you teach?

SWY : I teach a whole variety of yoga from Ashtanga Vinyasa - Rocket - Yin Yoga - Meditation - Creative Vinyasa

NDA : What does the first two hours of your day look like, do you have any rituals?

SWY : I very much have rituals but at the moment I am finding it hard to fit them in at the start of the day as I am usually leaving the house at 6am and haven't quite mastered the discipline of waking at 5am just yet.  So I am currently doing my meditation after lunch instead of before breakfast.

NDA : The yoga movement has been inundated with yoga-wear recently, yoga pants are now an everyday staple. What are the three essential pieces of yoga equipment you suggest your clients need to buy?

SWY : I have to say nothing beats Lululemon for fit and quality - they have a whole new pant wall that have so many different feelings and textures, I love the naked range, the legging are so smooth and comfy, you literally feel naked wearing them!

For fun prints I love all the pants that Hip and Healthy sell, they are so fun! 

NDA : What’s the best piece of advice you have been given with regards to running your business?

SWY : If you don't ask, you'll never know.

NDA : What do you think has been the toughest decision you have had to make recently?

SWY : Deciding when to say yes and no is pretty hard as when it's your own company you want to say yes the whole time and take every opportunity, but learning when to have time off and when to say no is a really brilliant lesson to learn.

Put your heart and soul into it and you won’t go far wrong!

NDA : Do you get to travel much with your job and where are your favourite places to be in the world?

SWY : Yes I get to travel loads! I have two retreats coming up, one in Cyrpus and one in India, you should check them out on my website.  I love the far east, I also love the Caribbean, I am obsessed with the beach! 

NDA : What do you think is your biggest achievement so far?

SWY : Falling in love with someone who I literally think is the best person in the world. That's pretty awesome. Pretty proud of that!

NDA : If someone came to you to ask for advice about running a business like yours what advice would you give them?

SWY : Put your heart and soul into it and you won't go far wrong!

NDA : With regards to successful people, who springs to mind first and why?

SWY : My best friend Jeanna, she is an actress and has lived in New York for years now, she's one of Broadway's babes and has been a lead in New York and all over the US many times.  She's an inspiration because she is fearless, disciplined, talented but most of all she is so loving and wonderful.  It's pretty rare to know someone so fiercely independent and successful yet so soft and caring. Love her! 

NDA : Lastly, how lucky are you, and why?

SWY : I am so lucky because I have a support network that is just amazing. My family are mad hatters but they are the best mad hatters ever. They encourage me to live my life the way I want to and to simply be HAPPY.