We have transformed sensational artisan textiles into luxurious and comfortable pillows. Choose from Malian Mudcloths, Uzbek silk ikat and Turkish Kilims.

Use these heavenly pops of geometric pattern and colour to decorate your home with...and lounge upon.

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Our lampshades are made to add jewel like splashes of colour to your home. They are made with the modern bohemian in mind and are available in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Maybe you need a Fez, a flowerpot or perhaps a coolie?

A Modern Bohemian's travel essential. Take one with you everywhere. Filled with soothing British lavender, covered in our iconic, silk, Central Asian Ikat and backed with cotton velvet.

The dream!

The perfect sized makeup bag for every Modern Bohemian to carry her makeup essentials in whilst commuting and when travelling too. Made with a practical, easy clean lining.

Great for those necessary on the go touchups from day to night