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An approach to living...

Nomad Design champions a slower approach to living, a responsible conscious choice to live a wholesome holistic life surrounded by beautiful well made furnishings and objects.

Through warp and weft, colour and pattern our homewares and lifestyle accessories will fill your life with culture, provenance, community and stories about adventures in foreign lands...

We champion the innate beauty and integrity in true craft.

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Who we work with...

Founder Georgina sources textiles for interior designers, stylists and architects the world over so that they can add layers of a story to their clients’s homes. I bridge the gap between artisan craft and contemporary luxury.

Previous clients include Firmdale Hotels, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, Todhunter Earle Interiors, Studio Duggan, Munro Design, Honky Design, The Store (Soho House) and many more.

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Our collections...

I am proud to say that all our soft furnishings are made by hand in Stroud. From cushions and lampshades to headboards and upholstered furniture.

georgina olley founder of nomad design

About Georgina...

My passions are travelling, interiors, photography and wellness.

I am a Nomad who has lived and travelled all over the world. With Indian, Guatemalan and British heritage, what I find fascinating is exploring identity through the products of culture.

On my adventures I learnt about the key role textiles play in a culture and a community's story. Each community has its individual style, craft and story to tell.

I started Nomad Design so that these legacies could become a part of your home and lifestyle.

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