Malian Mudcloths

Malian Mudcloths

The current Mudcloth collection is made up of stunning geometric, monochrome prints from Mali.

mudcloth image nomad design textiles interiors


These incredible textiles are made by highly skilled artisans from Mali. The process of creation is a fascinating and complex one.

The ground cloth is made up of thin woven strips, which are woven by hand using a very narrow loom and are then stitched together to make a larger piece of cloth. To create the pattern the artisans use two different methods. The first method, generally used on white cloths, is hand printing using traditional block prints or stencils.

The second, a more complex method, is used to create the striking black cloths. A natural mud pigment is mixed up using local resources and a resist is applied to the ground cloth. Over the course of three weeks the organic cotton cloth is dipped and washed multiple times, forming layers of different dyes. The final results are sensational examples of hand making traditional techniques.


mudcloth image nomad design textiles interiors mudcloth image nomad design textiles interiorsmudcloth image nomad design textiles interiors 


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