Kathryn Fielding

Kathryn Fielding

Kathryn Fielding

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Name and company: Kathryn Fielding, Marketer by day, yoga teacher and nutritionist in training by night.

Website: work in progress!

Where do you live?: London

Tell me a little bit about your business and what was the impetus to startup?

I came to yoga ten years ago, attracted by the way it develops a  balanced mind as well as a strong, lean and toned physique. Inspired, I started teaching friends and work colleagues which lead me to complete my RYT 200 Ashtanga Vinyasa qualification with The Yoga People (http://theyogapeople.com/) in London. My love for the practice transcends all I do and my pursuit to achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle has lead me to join The Institute for Optimum Nutrition (http://www.ion.ac.uk/) where I am currently in my third year studying to be a Nutritional Therapist. 

Where are your products available? or Where do you teach?

My nutritional advice is imparted to anyone who will listen and (all being well) I am due to graduate as a Nutritional Therapist in June 2016. I teach the Ashtanga-inspired Rocket system, an advanced, energetic routine that is appropriate for all levels of students and is called “Rocket” because “it gets you there faster” at Sweaty Betty in Fulham on Monday’s at 6.15, teach private classes as well as the occasional yoga breakfast club pop-up with a great friend Annie who is the founder of Spoon Cereals. You can catch us this Saturday 7th Feb in Hoxton (http://www.secreturbanescape.com/#!yoga-breakfast-club/c1hyt)!

What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

Maintaining a work/life balance is a constant challenge and not spreading myself too thinly. I would love to teach yoga on a more frequent basis but have to be realistic with my time as I work full-time as the marketing manager for Tossed, The healthier Eating Place, and have a lot of studying to do for my Nutritional Diploma! 

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Work hard, play hard.

nomad design atelier travel food yoga textiles love health wealth wellness mindfulness

Many people only contemplate setting up their own business, what advice would you give to spark the catalyst?

Work towards living your own dream, not someone else’s.

What do you do to stay active and how has it changed your life?

I cycle to work, pop to the gym for a 30 minute blast at lunch and go to a minimum of three yoga classes a week as well as doing my own practice at home. I appreciate this is on the higher end of the activity spectrum but I find exercise keeps me energised, is my time to relax and is such an integral part of my personality I can’t imagine living any other way. 

Do you have any favourite tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy everyday? 

I try to not take life to seriously and spend a lot of my day laughing. Surrounding yourself with wonderful and inspirational people helps too!

Do you consider yourself a ‘healthy eater’ and are there habits you wish you could kick?

Working at Tossed means I have healthy food on tap and everything I learn at ION certainly impacts my food decisions massively. I know what is good to eat and I’ve never had a sweet tooth which helps. Saying that cereal in any form and nut butter have to be kept out of sight or they will be inhaled!


nomad design atelier travel food yoga textiles love health wealth wellness mindfulness

What is your typical

- Breakfast: Weekday breakfasts usually consist of fruit, seeds, yoghurt and a juice or smoothie. Weekends are either eggs and avocado on rye bread.

- Lunch: I’m not a big meat eater so usually tend to create my own veggie salad. This month halloumi and puy lentils have featured a lot.

- Dinner: Quinoa, roasted veggies and fish of some sort of description. 

Lastly, how lucky are you, and why?

Extremely, but I feel I work hard too. I have amazing friends and family who help more than they may realise to get me closer to achieving my goals.


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