Founder : Charlotte Wise

Company : Magpie & London

Website :

Instagram : @magpieandlondon

Location : London based, flagship store launching by the seaside soon…

1. What brought your company to life, tell me a little about your story so far?

After I left university I traveled on and off for two years and was deeply inspired by the amazing people I met. Real life became disenchanting. I was lucky enough to be in a very well paid job, ticking off all the boxes one is ‘supposed’ to do in their mid-twenties, but I wasn't happy. I knew whatever else happened, I’d rather be working for myself, with people I believed in rather than doing something just because I was supposed to be doing so! And so, Magpie & London was born.

2. Describe your ethos in a few words.

“Life is tough, but darling - so are you.”

3. What keeps you excited about working in the lifestyle realm?

Gosh, so much! Magpie & London spans jewellery, accessories & lifestyle. So, I'm never short of amazing things to look at and play with. I think one of the best things that has arisen over the past couple of years is the ‘sisterhood’ mentality - women are slowly stopping this ridiculous competition between each other, and are supporting one another. Whether that be small companies importing from abroad, or handmade pieces done in their spare time - talent is talent, no matter where it’s found.

4. Do travel and adventure inspire the products you source?

Wow, yes! Anything that I see and can picture myself wearing on the beach, or triggers memories of travelling & foreign adventures…. well, I’m sold. It would be dreamy if life was one long holiday, but if the next best thing is surrounding yourself with things that have the capacity to recreate those emotions? Go for it!!

5. Where is your next nomadic adventure going to be and with what intentions?

Well that would be telling….. let's just say, I’ve plans for an autumn adventure that could (hopefully!) result in some fabulous new own brand products. And, worst comes to worse, will at the very least create some new memories! (Good or bad, doesn't matter. They're all funny once time has passed!)


6. A piece of wisdom you would give someone starting in your industry?

Just do it. 

There is no “right time” to give up your job. You will never have enough money behind you, neither the perfect website nor the ideal packaging. So if you’re waiting for the moment where everything falls in to place, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life. 

7. What other product ranges do you dream of stocking?

Pyjamas! I’m obsessed with them. Not the sexy, negligee type underwear. I’m all about the old fashioned shirt & bottoms - but with a modern twist, in fun prints & colours. Every night I have matching jimjams on… even though it’s normally just me & a glass of wine infront of the tv!

8. Biggest achievement so far?

 Her jewellery selection is gorgeous.

Her jewellery selection is gorgeous.

Setting up a company all on my own. When I launched I know a lot of people thought i had help from external investors, but it was all me. The number of pairs of shoes I sacrificed in the name of business…..!

9. Biggest challenge so far?

Technology. It baffles me. I’m of the age where people assume you’ve got the world at your fingertips from behind a computer screen… but i still struggle with an Ocado order let alone running a website!

10. Biggest lesson learnt so far?

Sometimes you need to wallow. I know that’s frowned upon. But if you need to take a day, where you stay in bed & eat Haagen Daaz & watch trashy tv - do it. 

But the next day? Pick yourself up, dust that shit off. And move on. 

11. What does being a nomadic woman mean to you?

Freedom. Being able to go where you want, when you want. But doing so whilst being true to yourself - everyone has roots, and it’s these that support you when you’re branching out.


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