Neon Moon

Neon Moon
Name and company : Hayat Rachi, Founder & CEO of Neon Moon
Instagram : @neonmoonco
Where are you based? : London, UK
"There is nothing more important than believing in yourself, your customers and your brand." - HAYAT

1. What brought Neon Moon life, tell me a little about your story so far?

Neon Moon was born from the lack of lingerie brands who don’t sexualise and objectify women within their product range and campaigns. We are bombarded with images that do not represent diversity. They are created for the male gaze. The lingerie industry is so out of touch with the modern woman. Lingerie for male enticement? Hell no! After shopping in Westfield for lingerie and overhearing a conversation between two young girls speaking negatively about their bodies I ran out of the shop and I knew I had to do something! Instead of waiting for change, I created it. I founded Neon Moon to disrupt the industry with our sexualisation and objectification free values.

Body positive styling. Neon Moon focusses on the product and refrains from sexualising the human. (we all know that every women is utterly sexy)

2. Describe your personal ethos in a few words

Feminist, body positive and inclusive. 


3. What keeps you excited about working in the realm of feminist underwear?

The change that we continue to strive for. As Neon Moon knows that we all deserve better, we want to empower women of all sizes and ethnicities. Seeing our beautiful customers wearing our lingerie in our Neon Moon Selfie section is what keeps the Neon Moon team motivated to continue to make a difference. 

4. What does being a Nomadic Woman mean to you?

Being a part of a community in which women empower each other to be their best selves.


hayat-rachi-neon-moon5. Where is your next nomadic adventure going to be and with what intentions?

We plan to take our distribution overseas and to get Neon Moon lingerie stocked with third party sellers. This will bring more awareness to the brand as we continue to kick the lingerie industry up the arse with our feminist and body positive brand values.

6. A piece of wisdom you would give to someone starting up in your industry?

Be fearless in the pursuit of your goals and the change you aim to make. Learn and believe in yourself because you are capable and worthy of your dreams coming true.  

7. What other product ranges do you dream of stocking?

Keep your eyes peeled, Neon Moon have some exciting products coming this year! We aim to continue to create fresh and original bra and knicker designs for our customers so they can continue to feel empowered in Neon Moon lingerie.






8. Biggest achievement so far?

It would be our Kickstarter campaign that went viral in 2015! We smashed out target by 150%. I am so grateful for our amazing customers who have helped Neon Moon become the brand it is today.

10. Biggest challenge so far?

Seeing our model Paulina be photoshopped thinner by ‘Project Harpoon’ and our model Kitty mocked on twitter for having cellulite – which we and our amazing customers then went on to fight. We turn a challenge into a means to learn and empower.

11. Biggest lesson learnt so far?

There is nothing more important than believing in yourself, your customers and your brand. Neon Moon is the most amazing community, and will only continue to grow!




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